graphics…parties…and more…

Well…sophia is nearly 11 months, Tony is about to turn 9…we are currently spring cleaning the house so we can set off down the coast guilt free. We have been so very busy i feel like i hae finally come up for air!!!

since i last wrote here, we have new garden beds, a new hot wayer system, a giant second tank…..and….WE OWN OUR HOUSE!!! No one can ever take it away!!!

We are on track to getting our caravan with all the mod cons…so we will sell the motorhome.

I finally have time to work on my website,

flutterbygraphics, where i will sell all my scrapbooking graphics. not up and running yet but will be soon xxx

I also am now a seller on teachers pay teachers.

Heres some work i have been up to…ImageImage





this was made in ps with my flutterby heaven set paper

in may this year we went to a very special lady’s 50th. here are my treasures dressed up as F letters. i went as a fairy too. John went as a ,,,,farmer lol.Image



today i did a chipboard tutorial. the sweet dreams text above was made using it, from humbug graphics.



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