The REAL fairy jar

Any of you who were really let down a while ago by some fake photoshopped fairy jar posts that ended up being quite poisonus to make and not to mention the end resut a mess because it just did not work, but the photos were photoshopped, i am guessing you gave up? i read all the posts and comments and decided not to try the idea but to come up with my own. its not as beautiful as the fake photoshop one but at least mine is non toxic and safe and most importantly…..not photoshopped!!! its real. i have posted some various ideas and the needs list so you can have a go yourself. Have fun….oh…and by the way…it glows in the dark without poison!!!Image


a clean non sticky jar ie no label residue

celmix (a powdered glue you add water to to make a glue gel)

2 containers of very fine…thats very fine sparkle glitter pieces, not the normal heavier glitter or it wont stay suspended or reflect light well

a long handled thin spoon or stirring implement ie paddle pop stick skewer etc


glow in th the dark nail polish, i got mine off ebay

ribbon, large flower or glittery stickers optional

You make up the celmix by adding water to desired level in jar and using a paddle pop stick and a dry small spoon add WHILE constantly tirring tiny ends of the paddle pop stick amounts of celmix powder, always use a dry spoon in your powder tub or it will spoil.

celmix is about 35.00 a tub through most child care centre catalogues, if they are nice theyll let you place an order with your childs centre maybe! thats where i got mine but i am also a child care teacher.

dont get eager and impatient and add too much powder too soon. add each bit then stir a while, you will see it begin to thicken. if it clumps you are adding it to quickly. sprinkle it in slowly.

once you have a thick jelly, add 0ne to two teaspoons of each glitter sprinkle and gently fold in to gel. Now you can optionally add larger glitter stars or tiny sparkles but not in gaudy colours, stick to pastels gold or silver. or you can just stop at the glitter like mine.

seal the jar with lid. add dots of the glow polish and decorate jar as you like.



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