Digital Scrapbooking crash course for beginners


Are you tired of doing scrapbooking the old way?

I was prompted to write this tut (tutorial) when a friend of mine in Sydney was totally bamboozled by it, Photoshop, but i showed her not to be scared, and think of it as an extension of her fingers.

Heres how to start.

I am assuming you have photoshop. If not, download creative cloud at adobe, then start a trial of photoshop. I was lucky to find a copy of portablevphotoshop cc a long time ago. Today you would have to purchase it at a pc store or download and try it then convert it to full licence after your trial.

heres where to start a trial:

Right. here we go!!!

open ps.

go to the top left, file, new, the window that opens is like your real scrap page. put in the details as in image below, 

open a new scrap page

and click save as preset. Over to the right of the same window. Ps will remember your setting.This way when you open a new page, you can choose basic palette which is always set up to be enlarged for a real scrap page album size.

Now, i am going to teach you how to do a basic element, or embellishment from a real picture. I have used some bears for a baby page but you can use anything you like just be careful of copyright. Best to use your own home photos.

Click open and choose an image to make into your element. I have chosen bears i took a photo image open is ps

you can use this or your own.

When you get good at this then we’ll learn how to draw your own elements. If you combine the two you have a real good start to digital scrapbooking or hybrid…that is a mix of paper or 3d and digital scrapping. Then we will learn how to make papers, this is when it gets really fun as you will learn styles, brushes and actions, all automated ways to help us make great scrap graphics.

Some digi jargon you need to know is ps…photoshop…embellishment or element…the single drawings or sets of drawings…backgrounds or papers…are the actual surface you start on, and dpi is pixels per inch you use, best to keep it a 300dpi as this gives you a lovely quality for enlarging to scrap album size.


back to those bears. or whatever image you have. On you tool panel at the side go down 3 boxes to the lasso and right click and hold you will see 3 options, you need the magnetic lasso. choose it and scroll your mouse around the part of the image you want to keep see below and then my results. once you drag it all the way around join it and click again and you will see it march, or move now choose copy, paste and it will add a layer of what you outline to your tool bar on the right side of ps.

marching selection

click on the original picture in your layers palette over to the right, go up to top of tool panel choose layers, delete the original image now you have the new image on its own, no messy background. Use the zoom tool, down your left panel, (it looks like a little magnifying glass, and you choose the plus or minus up the top left of ps to go bigger or smaller) to zoom in and clean the edges with your eraser tool, also down the left panel,  changing the size of your brush as needed up the top left corner of ps, and then if you are game use the magic wand (tool on left panel quick select but change it to magic wand then up the top panel choose add to selection) to highlight leftover bits of background to remove more background,and click edit, then cut to get rid of it. see my images to help you.


You should now have a picture as below but with your image not mine, all clean no background.

my bears all cleaned up


Now we add a realsitic drop shadow. go to the fx tool at bottom right of tool panel. click on drop shadow, and fiddle around with the settings ie size etc until it look real, you can see your image change in the preview. cool hah?

or, use my settings: multiply, opacity at 75, angle -60, use global light checked, distance 37, spread 22, size 232, other settings default as is.

Now click ok, You have madean embellishment!!! now you can save this in a folder and call the folder scrap kits or embellishments, and open it within photoshop when you want to digital scrap. There are tons of free stuff on the internet, free kits (scrap sets) papers, elements (ribbons, buttons, pictures, brads. lace, so  much!!!) or you can buy somke kits. One of my favourite sites is Nitwits  collections: go here

but a word of caution, once you start collecting kits its addictive, i suggest you get an external drive like i have, i have a seagate 3T drive 3.0 usb and power. Then you can stor it on ther not your pc. I also ruin most of my ps cc off it too.

Other good sites are:                                           



the first is paid but has some freebies, the others have lots of simple freebies.

Make sure you stop by my blog, store or flutterbygraphics facebook page for more lovely graphics. 

easy to buy, learn or download freebies. Buying is easy, pick what you like with correct title, email me at my address and i’ll email you directions to purchase!!! simple. You can get them via disc so youve got them forever unlike scrap sites where you digital download and limited time only then gone. With me, as long as you keep your original digital receipt or physical one i send with your purchase, i can send them again if you lose them or your pc crashes, Better still i have ALL the graphics you ever buy off me so i can put them all on one disc!!! Also, i can send them in whatever format you want, but scarp digital stores you get what they say you can have only. 

Here are my site links and email.                      



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