Digital Scrapbooking crash course for beginners


Are you tired of doing scrapbooking the old way?

I was prompted to write this tut (tutorial) when a friend of mine in Sydney was totally bamboozled by it, Photoshop, but i showed her not to be scared, and think of it as an extension of her fingers.

Heres how to start.

I am assuming you have photoshop. If not, download creative cloud at adobe, then start a trial of photoshop. I was lucky to find a copy of portablevphotoshop cc a long time ago. Today you would have to purchase it at a pc store or download and try it then convert it to full licence after your trial.

heres where to start a trial:

Right. here we go!!!

open ps.

go to the top left, file, new, the window that opens is like your real scrap page. put in the details as in image below, 

open a new scrap page

and click save as preset. Over to the right of the same window. Ps will remember your setting.This way when you open a new page, you can choose basic palette which is always set up to be enlarged for a real scrap page album size.

Now, i am going to teach you how to do a basic element, or embellishment from a real picture. I have used some bears for a baby page but you can use anything you like just be careful of copyright. Best to use your own home photos.

Click open and choose an image to make into your element. I have chosen bears i took a photo image open is ps

you can use this or your own.

When you get good at this then we’ll learn how to draw your own elements. If you combine the two you have a real good start to digital scrapbooking or hybrid…that is a mix of paper or 3d and digital scrapping. Then we will learn how to make papers, this is when it gets really fun as you will learn styles, brushes and actions, all automated ways to help us make great scrap graphics.

Some digi jargon you need to know is ps…photoshop…embellishment or element…the single drawings or sets of drawings…backgrounds or papers…are the actual surface you start on, and dpi is pixels per inch you use, best to keep it a 300dpi as this gives you a lovely quality for enlarging to scrap album size.


back to those bears. or whatever image you have. On you tool panel at the side go down 3 boxes to the lasso and right click and hold you will see 3 options, you need the magnetic lasso. choose it and scroll your mouse around the part of the image you want to keep see below and then my results. once you drag it all the way around join it and click again and you will see it march, or move now choose copy, paste and it will add a layer of what you outline to your tool bar on the right side of ps.

marching selection

click on the original picture in your layers palette over to the right, go up to top of tool panel choose layers, delete the original image now you have the new image on its own, no messy background. Use the zoom tool, down your left panel, (it looks like a little magnifying glass, and you choose the plus or minus up the top left of ps to go bigger or smaller) to zoom in and clean the edges with your eraser tool, also down the left panel,  changing the size of your brush as needed up the top left corner of ps, and then if you are game use the magic wand (tool on left panel quick select but change it to magic wand then up the top panel choose add to selection) to highlight leftover bits of background to remove more background,and click edit, then cut to get rid of it. see my images to help you.


You should now have a picture as below but with your image not mine, all clean no background.

my bears all cleaned up


Now we add a realsitic drop shadow. go to the fx tool at bottom right of tool panel. click on drop shadow, and fiddle around with the settings ie size etc until it look real, you can see your image change in the preview. cool hah?

or, use my settings: multiply, opacity at 75, angle -60, use global light checked, distance 37, spread 22, size 232, other settings default as is.

Now click ok, You have madean embellishment!!! now you can save this in a folder and call the folder scrap kits or embellishments, and open it within photoshop when you want to digital scrap. There are tons of free stuff on the internet, free kits (scrap sets) papers, elements (ribbons, buttons, pictures, brads. lace, so  much!!!) or you can buy somke kits. One of my favourite sites is Nitwits  collections: go here

but a word of caution, once you start collecting kits its addictive, i suggest you get an external drive like i have, i have a seagate 3T drive 3.0 usb and power. Then you can stor it on ther not your pc. I also ruin most of my ps cc off it too.

Other good sites are:                                           



the first is paid but has some freebies, the others have lots of simple freebies.

Make sure you stop by my blog, store or flutterbygraphics facebook page for more lovely graphics. 

easy to buy, learn or download freebies. Buying is easy, pick what you like with correct title, email me at my address and i’ll email you directions to purchase!!! simple. You can get them via disc so youve got them forever unlike scrap sites where you digital download and limited time only then gone. With me, as long as you keep your original digital receipt or physical one i send with your purchase, i can send them again if you lose them or your pc crashes, Better still i have ALL the graphics you ever buy off me so i can put them all on one disc!!! Also, i can send them in whatever format you want, but scarp digital stores you get what they say you can have only. 

Here are my site links and email.                      



The REAL fairy jar

Any of you who were really let down a while ago by some fake photoshopped fairy jar posts that ended up being quite poisonus to make and not to mention the end resut a mess because it just did not work, but the photos were photoshopped, i am guessing you gave up? i read all the posts and comments and decided not to try the idea but to come up with my own. its not as beautiful as the fake photoshop one but at least mine is non toxic and safe and most importantly…..not photoshopped!!! its real. i have posted some various ideas and the needs list so you can have a go yourself. Have fun….oh…and by the way…it glows in the dark without poison!!!Image


a clean non sticky jar ie no label residue

celmix (a powdered glue you add water to to make a glue gel)

2 containers of very fine…thats very fine sparkle glitter pieces, not the normal heavier glitter or it wont stay suspended or reflect light well

a long handled thin spoon or stirring implement ie paddle pop stick skewer etc


glow in th the dark nail polish, i got mine off ebay

ribbon, large flower or glittery stickers optional

You make up the celmix by adding water to desired level in jar and using a paddle pop stick and a dry small spoon add WHILE constantly tirring tiny ends of the paddle pop stick amounts of celmix powder, always use a dry spoon in your powder tub or it will spoil.

celmix is about 35.00 a tub through most child care centre catalogues, if they are nice theyll let you place an order with your childs centre maybe! thats where i got mine but i am also a child care teacher.

dont get eager and impatient and add too much powder too soon. add each bit then stir a while, you will see it begin to thicken. if it clumps you are adding it to quickly. sprinkle it in slowly.

once you have a thick jelly, add 0ne to two teaspoons of each glitter sprinkle and gently fold in to gel. Now you can optionally add larger glitter stars or tiny sparkles but not in gaudy colours, stick to pastels gold or silver. or you can just stop at the glitter like mine.

seal the jar with lid. add dots of the glow polish and decorate jar as you like.


graphics…parties…and more…

Well…sophia is nearly 11 months, Tony is about to turn 9…we are currently spring cleaning the house so we can set off down the coast guilt free. We have been so very busy i feel like i hae finally come up for air!!!

since i last wrote here, we have new garden beds, a new hot wayer system, a giant second tank…..and….WE OWN OUR HOUSE!!! No one can ever take it away!!!

We are on track to getting our caravan with all the mod cons…so we will sell the motorhome.

I finally have time to work on my website,

flutterbygraphics, where i will sell all my scrapbooking graphics. not up and running yet but will be soon xxx

I also am now a seller on teachers pay teachers.

Heres some work i have been up to…ImageImage





this was made in ps with my flutterby heaven set paper

in may this year we went to a very special lady’s 50th. here are my treasures dressed up as F letters. i went as a fairy too. John went as a ,,,,farmer lol.Image



today i did a chipboard tutorial. the sweet dreams text above was made using it, from humbug graphics.


Miracles do happen

February 2012.

As i lay awake listening to the dark, sleep evading me yet again, having stirred from a wrestless half dream, (i have dreamed of you again, my precious unknown) i van hear my husband gently breathing in the otherwise silent morning hours.

I have this sudden urge to go into my little boys bedroom, and stand still in the dark….listening to him breath, rythmically …in and out. I cry, soft tears of pride, but hidden in those tears are some reserved for my sad loss of the special babies i still think about, also for the realisation i may noy ever have you my little angel. It is 3.00 am. Madness.

I go back to bed silently sinking in beside my husband. He has no idea i have cried alone in the dark.

I have my little boy…some people would say i have nothing to be sad about…but i yearn for another child. It aches…my heart. Everyone around me seems to be pregnant.

It is a new month, february has just ticked over. This could be the time but i am too scared of thinking about it so i retire my dream to the back of my mind.

Late February, something feels different. I know it has happened not just because 0f the niggling signs, that you could easily have made up because you are so desperate. No, i FEEL it. Everyone tells me….you know whats happened, just be patient, but i long to scream out…YES!!! you are here, i know it will be ok this time.

Another 3.00 wake up, can’t sleep. I want to do the test. Now. But i know its best to wait a few more hours….but i cant. Its brisk in the cool morning hours. Here i am in the toilet. Test strip in hand watching it….longing for it to go dark damn it, go dark, go dark….whats that…its faaint…are my eyes tricking me. I should have waited. Its too early in the morning…no its too early in the month. technically i should be waiting until march. I just couldnt, i cant even wait a few hours!!!

I have convinced myself i imagined it, so i take the stick out to the kitcken. Its 3.30. I deicide to read and have a cup of tea. I make my tea and as i go past the bench i have another look at the stick before i throw it away….

It’s DARK. TWO LINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! I did it.

I did a little happy dance right there in the kitchen, in my nightie, by myself. I leave it right there so the other half cant miss it. We have done it. We might finally be on our way.

April 23rd 2013

She is beautiful. She is perfect. The most gorgeous thing i have ever seen. Now it is my precious little…MY LITTLE GIRL. MINE, that i quietly stare at in the semi darkness, only now i am awake because i am happy, not crying, not longing. I feel complete, whole, like a gap is filled. It took 2 years, long, sometimes deeply sad years, (n0t always, just sometimes) to find you.

Now i have you i will never let you go.

There is no sound more than your gently breathing at 3.00 in the morning i would rather hear. i will miss s thousand hours sleep to listen to you breathe my sweet precious little sophia rose.

Mummy loves you.

She sleeps...

second time around….a long journey

Going back about 2 years i just didn’t think i’d ever get here, who would think that getting a big large belly could make you just so blissfully happy…but here i am, heading on to 17 weeks, fairly sure now its one not two (but my mad mother in law is not convinced).

It has been a long hard journey here. 

Lots of sad things along the way. After one miscarriage you get over it if you have your head set right, but after two, it gets a little harder. And when its balanced with the age thing you have to set firm boundaries for yourself, and not just let your i want instinct run away with the baton. It has helped so much having a sister who understands as she has suffered loss to here. You need another to connect to. Unless you have lost a baby you just cannot be there emotionally. Empathy and sympathy are two very different things.

The other day a lady saes assistant asked me how far along i was, i happily said 16 weeks. She said she guessed also because i was buying sizes too big for me, in two bright baby doll  tunic tops. the we had a chat and she said she had just lost her baby at ten weeks last week. very sad but i understood her grief.

The hardest thing was not being seriously ill with liver and pancreas illness, that just kind of happened and is out of your control really. It was for me waking up so happily unaware of my loss one day in 2011, knowing i had more than one in my heart and being, not needing someone else to tell me….going to my scan and confirming on the same day it was triplets… and they were gone. That did take some getting over. 

What i took with me is that it does not matter how far along you are. It hurts. whether you are 8 weeks or 8 months you feel the loss.  It just gets harder the further along you are. 

i am in maternity gear now as my belly has decided it is quite happy to pretend it is 6 months not 4, the rest of me is the same, my belly is not listening. I had a belly bean maternity pillow bought for me in a nice pink, and i am in love with it. I nearly died when i found out they are about $90.00, but grateful to have it.

I have just seen my special little one a few weeks ago, and heard its heartbeat just this week. All is well, it has a great strong heart and so far so good. My gp says that i only lost my last pregnancies because of my illness. Apparently the calcium is leeched from your system with my particular illness and the babies just could not get enough bone density to keep going past 7 or 8 weeks. This is comforting as i thought it was just oh well, bad luck too old or just not meant to be.  He said that i have a really good system and joked that our family must be baby making machines as my hormone count was really good, so good that all the signs point to a woman much younger than me. he must mean my older sister, she is a baby making mummy. This is very comforting to hear anyway.

Had my first antenatal midwife appointment last week, it took an hour and a half nearly but when i left with my bounty bag full of goodies i felt so good inside.

I am doing all the things i did not get around to with my first. I guess as i have prior knowledge now and being more settled helps too. My husband got home the other day from farm work and had an antique wooden highchair in his arms. Just what i wanted!!! and it is basically like the icing on the cake now. Everything seems to just happen well now.

I am so very content. I can feel my baby moving inside and its just so lovely. They are those nice roly poly movements and occasionally a good flick. But the moves are moves now not just flutters. It caught me unawares as i did not feel my first child until about 20 weeks. I feel i have longer this time to have fun with it. 

There is no other feeling like it on earth, i feel blessed to have one more chance and i am cherishing it. I thought i was happy with one, pretty content actually but one day it just hit me out of the blue…i couldnt walk around cute baby things, i noticed newborns everywhere, and it just ate at me in a nice way. It is purely a hormonal thing i believe, your body just tells you…go on….do it again….go on. It was a beautiful surprise when i discovered my husband actually felt hte same way but we did not realise. “so you want to do it all over again? me too” he had said matter of factly.

Cleaned the change unit and put it together it looks like new, stored it well. Got everything so i can just pick up the odd fun thing. I have a fisher price aquarium bath this time and a baby bjorn carrier.

Am most happy that wbh and tbh are happy to do shared care so i can attempt a vbac (natural birth after a caesarean). Our loca gp is doing shared care too so i cna do the gp visits close to home. I have to travel to Toowoomba for their own midwife/doctors in two weeks and then again at 36 weeks, but the rest can be done locally. The best thing is if it is day time i will be given the option of going by ambulance rather than the long car drive if my waters have broken and am in proper labor. This is good to know.

So all you ladies out there when you child is tantruming, or crying because he or she needs you, breathe through it, count to ten try some distraction strategies, but love them…they are so precious and grow so quickly. Think of all those sad ladies that desperately want to be a mum and cant or are having trouble and count your blessings, hold you loved ones closer.

Happily fat. buried in baby gear. 


guilty conscience

The best time or worst time for realizing guilt is the middle of the night.

In the past few months i am guilty of:

– Keeping possible t _ _ _ _s from my big sister: reason: loss was possible until now. No way they are going anywhere now. I need badly to confide in my big sis but i know how busy and hectic her life is right now.  Help Danni i need you xxx WHAT WILL I DO WITH TWO? (on the way to ten weeks danni and going strong ). cryptic is not one of my strengths.

– Hidden my family away from everyone. Its like a mid life protective hermit crisis. Its over now thank the lord.

– Getting to 39 and just not caring

– Not rang anyone much in a long time.

– indulging myself in voluntary teaching and loving it….its actually guilt free because its volunatry but it has attatched guilt of taking away time to ring people and see people.

– letting momentary phone trouble stuff up ringing people and then not following through….sorry ZACHY JACE and JOSH. I do love you all so very much, i am still here and still your AUNTY.

– not posting many presents to people because the postage costs just wont fit into my budget…..hold tight guys they are coming.

– crying over stupid things

– thinking of my parents for dumb reasons then crying again. Its hormonal i guess

-looking at my son twice this holidays and realising he has grown up in some areas and it just fazed me out completely. Its like you see it but its under the current then it jumps up at you….

-spending too much time sleeping

-not playing enough with my little boy recently because i am just so damned tired. This will change soon. Then he says its alright mummy its not like you we always play its just hard for you right now. Melt my heart child.

-gloating i have no neuropathy pain whatsoever and i have it all over my pancreas (i beat sphincter of oddi dyskensia- take that pancreas)

-loving my husband so much i cried. Work that one out

-wearing  my husband like a comfortable old pair of slippers….14 years and counting

-seeing my little sister more than my big sister because of circumstance but feeling guitly as h_ _ _ _ because of it.  I love them both dearly and they know it. If you call seeing my little sister two or three times in a year alot but only recently, once when she came too.

-thinking my doona cover understands my tears more than my husband and then having it rubbed in when he gently touched my shoulder and said “I understand” husbands are so cool. We just forget sometimes. Hormones again.

We all have guilt at times, some more than others. But why the heck does it have to hit you at two in the morning when sleep is a commodity to take lives for right now?

Sorry to those ive not rung, posted to and visited. Cut me some slack and I’ll surprise you soon xxx

dare to delve below the surface….at xmas

The odd and sometimes weird but loveable historical area of  “not game to name it” Creek.

pop: all but 3 families totally insane or getting there.

We are the only small area here to suffer fire, flood and storm and tempest in such a short time. The tempest is ongoing.

Last xmas flood water was up to my waist under our house. our house is built 8ft up.

Our new road was ripped apart, our new area sign was riddled in bullet holes that same year, and this time we awoke to a  quoll a day before xmas who ate our entire chook pen apart from two. (they don’t eat them as such but its too sad to go into it) lets just say they were chicken suits when he was done.  i hope he choked.

Years ago a violent storm occurred while we were away, arriving home we found our shed roof stuck at an angle in our front garden tree trunk, right where the car would have been.

Surely its an idyllic quiet country farming community you say….steeped in quaint history and local characters? That may well be, but dare you delve slightly below the surface you will find weird oddball people, (not all of us!!!) ones that break the law (chopping down a tree for wood and the police arrive rings a bell), ones that rant and rave, some that try to get every other persons husband, some that hide their defacto in the country  and take all their money and put a pin on the phone then lock them and the baby out of the house, then as we tried to help out the mother was coming to get me… Then we have the pottery throwing couple a few years back. He also grew some questionable garden items in tractor tyres that caught the poor councilman off-guard “is that what i think it is?” These are times we wish the spare block between us and the rental was bigger….he said he was a cook but his grain bread was like a brick, and he got around in a sarong skirt…i used to hide after that. Do you blame me?

Some locals  try to burn down the community intentionally, some accidentally, then we have a town away local dump patrol elderly man, totally dump fixated and on our one neighbour who he loathes and spies on. we all have keys but leave it open, he insists driving the 10 minutes from the next town daily  to lock it. Ha ha all you non gate locking dump people. Another fellow ran over his own giant great dane early one morning, very inebriated he broke its leg. he looked after it but…what tha?…..

Today, as i quietly went about installing master 7’s new dvd drive for his dell, ( he is my techno boy) we heard a loud explosion….then my husband suddenly gets us on the intercom…did you hear that…go to the kitchen window…our neighbours ute is fully on fire, when he said it he sounded like bill and teds excellent adventure. Boys and fire…what tha?

Similar fire but much more smoke and widespread

Sure enough across the road our neighbours ute is billowing out huge clouds of black and grey smoke, inferno style….bang, a tyre explodes….now the horn is going off its nut…another tyre explodes..horn still going….husband says its the neighbours new ute about 25 grand worth our crazy other across the road neighbour offers insanely a tiny fire extinguisher, (the same sweet lady that fought tooth and nail to save a pine tree that had to go to make way for a mans house, she lost and put a cross on the stump in a ceremony that actually said RIP, the man was so freaked out by her he decided not to live here) my husband has to let her off gently…ummm…i dont think you want to get near that thing love, the heat would melt your… fire extinguisher. Her hubby is a golf tour operator to …thailand….hmmmm…. he fights all the time with ute fire neighbour over land that is not theirs but he has built his own golf course on. Hubby has nick named her banchee woman as to the rather explosively loud screechy fight over the road speed one day (thats another story)  His sons went there one day and hit all his golf balls over to grass fires house (another neighbour who you will understand his name soon) He was very upset. The land is leased by ute fire man, not golf pro man.

The horn has stopped. the smoke is a grey willow now, hubby has come in and said, its an insurance job now, the ute is now a melted shell collapsed in in their front yard..ohh my…ohh dear… ohh noo,  hah hah ha says hubby looking through the loungeroom window…someone has called the fire brigade, he is laughing hysterically as the ute is

already out but here is the rescue, we can put out the … smoke… At least we now know the response time if we have to call one day…..which nearly happened a while back when our late young ” Im just like you i can light a firebreak too” neighbour but had no idea, really, and it got out of control…he was inside doing whatever he did (we wont ever go there…ever….) and my husband called him up “umm, your house is nearly on fire mate”. It had got out across their yard, burnt all the grass in the back and was now swinging around towards the back and side stairs. saved by a phone call and a patch of concrete at bottom of stairs. So close to freedom for us…thats not a nice way to think …but…we did call, and he lit a im a country man firebreak and left it.

His partner was constantly trying to get everyone’s husbands interested. Our friend from Brisbane was visiting one time and they were having a coffee outside unseen when they heard a loud fight “yeah….(abusive words) why dont you go and ( rude word for love) next door” reply: ” i will go and ….(rude word for love) (my hubbys name here) at least he cares….”this was told to me later and i laughed my guts out , as this was the same young 21 year old who used to put on her best skimpiest dress when he went outside and changed from the trackie dacks she had just been in, also very funny to me, hubby used to sneak inside and tell me he felt sick and violated….we use to cack over it together, good entertainment anyway.

The funniest issue in recent times was when my mother in law stripped shreds off the grass fire boy who dared to swear at her after he cut all her fence posts off at the ground because he was too lazy to pull them out. He broke his mower blades on the stumps, we heard him curse, and was later forced to replace all $250.00 worth of posts…and blades.

The fence he and his dad built (for the  dog they never got) in place of the one that was already ok to add wire to, is now a weedy sagging mess because they had no idea how to build a fence. They also now have to pay the council alot of money as they let the grass grow too high to be mowed…. it was a jungle. Giant snakes come out all the time and i am sure one of our neighbours is lost in there) They had to get in huge machinery to slash it. Funnily enough, ute fire man did it as he is a contractor for this in our area. The lady they let rent the house for free stole alot of stuff and did burn outs at two in the morning and had a massive swearing fight at the same time. Its overgrown again.

Someone has just stacked our sons chopper in the drive, my sons face is covered in tim tam cornetto and i am content that another day in ….no i cant say it yet still to embarrassed… Creek is drawing near, and another year. i wonder what will happen this next year? We’ll have to wait and see. For now my son has gone nerf mad.

theres kitchennerf….





and here too………………..




we are pleased at least the house a block away is no longer for rent and very empty. For now…….